17 of the Best Beaches Near Athens for Families [2021]

This post will go through some of the best beaches in Athens and the best beautiful beaches near Athens to help you plan the perfect trip to Athens with kids. Away from the bustle of Athens city centre, Coastal Athens on the Athens Riviera has a calm atmosphere – perfect for families.

After backpacking in Athens two years previously, I visited Athens with my daughter as the starting point of our travels through Greece in 2020. We climbed Lycabettus Hill and explored the many beaches in Athens as a family.

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Is There a Beach Near Athens?

There are plenty of beaches around Athens and within Athens that are perfect for families. There’s also a huge range of beach resorts near Athens where you can stay near the beach and travel into Athens city centre to explore using the efficient public transport system.

Athens Beaches Map

Free Beaches Near Athens vs Paid beaches

There are two types of beaches in Athens, free beaches and paid beaches. Paid beaches are usually privately owned, and some are owned by luxury resorts.

Paid beaches are often safer and have a huge range of facilities varying by the entry fee. Please note that paid beaches can double in price at weekends, and free beaches can get very crowded. You will often get a free sunbed on paid beaches or have the option to pay a little extra. There’s often changing rooms, showers and bars too.

There are some fantastic free beaches in Athens – my favourite Kavouri beach, Asteras beach and Edem beach. On free beaches, there’s often the option to pay for a sunbed and umbrella for the day.

How to get to Athens beaches

Catching the Hop on Hop off Bus to the Beaches near Athens

The hop on hop off bus beaches line travels from Syntagma square in the heart of Athens towards the coast before making its way around the Athens Riviera.

If you want to spend 1-3 days exploring different beaches on the Athens Riviera and you’re staying in Athens city centre, I highly recommend purchasing a ticket for this bus.

You’ll also have commentary where you’ll learn about Athens’s history and some interesting facts about the beaches.

Click here to view prices and purchase tickets for the beaches line.

A Taxi or pre-booked transfer to Athens Beaches

Although it’s easy to reach Athens beaches by public transport, we found that a pre-booked transfer can half the journey time. If you’re travelling outside the main tramline (Kavouri beach onwards and beaches near Rafina), you can quarter your journey time and save changing from the tram at Voula to a bus.

You can view quotes with Get Transfer for your journey here.

Catching the Tram to Athens Beaches

The Athens tram network round from Syntagma square (which can be reached via Metro from anywhere in Athens centre) towards the Athens riviera and the seafront to many beaches. The easiest beaches to reach via tram are Alimos, Glyfada, Asteras and Edem beach.

Tip: Buy a return ticket or a daily/weekly ticket in Athens centre as many of the ticket machines on the Riviera are broken, and you’ll find yourself without a ticket. You can read more about the tram on the official site here.

beaches near Athens, athens riviera tram

Best beaches in Athens Greece (A-Z)

1. Aegeon Beach (Paralia Souniou)

Aegeon Beach is located nearby cape Sounio nearby the famous Temple of Poseidon, just out of Athens. For those who want to escape the city for a day.

Aegeon Beach gets very busy with locals during the weekends, so make sure you arrive early to get a space and park.

Facilities: Showers, bar, sunbeds and umbrellas, parking

Distance from Athens city centre: 68km

2. Alimos Beach Athens

Alimos beach is one of the most popular beaches of Athens, especially with locals. Many Athenians retire to the apartments just behind the beach. Alimos marina is also excellent for a walk where you can see how many superyachts you can spot!

Facilities: Showers, sunbeds, umbrellas, water sports, kids play area

Distance from Athens city centre: 11km

Alimos beach athens, empty beach, athens beaches
(By : Flikr)

3. Asteras Beach Athens (Glyfada 2)

We were very impressed with Asteras beach, which was just one tram stop from where we were staying and nearby the town of Glyfada. The beach was quieter than Glyfada beach and used mostly by locals – especially at the weekend.

The sea is very calm, shallow and perfect for kids. There are a cafe and restaurant on each side of the beach. If you cross the main road behind the beach, you can walk into Glyfada town, where you’ll find a huge range of places to eat, from well-known eateries such as Mc Donalds to amazing independent bakeries.

Facilities: Sunbeds/Umbrellas, cafe, restaurant

Distance from Athens city centre: 17.5km

asteras beach, glyfada
(Image by: Falco Ermet)

4. Astir Beach Athens (Payable)

Located in the suburb of Athens, Astir Beach is often considered the best beach near Athens – although it comes at a price. The beach is huge, with amazing views of the Athens Riviera coastline and nearby Greek islands.

The sea is very shallow, calm and perfect for kids. Buoys mark when the sea gets deep. If you’re planning a trip to one of the best beaches around Athens, Astir Beach is the place to be!

Astir Beach club provides payable loungers and lunch service with a push button.

Admission: Varies by season – 35€ per adult/11€ kids and by day of the week.

Facilities: Foodservice, showers, changing rooms, sunbeds, umbrellas

Distance from Athens city centre: 27.5km

5. Edem Beach Athens – Closest beach to Athens

Edem beach is my favourite beach in Athens. Also known as Eden beach Athens, Edem beach is one of the best beaches close to Athens.

I first visited Edem beach on my second time in Athens with my daughter while venturing further away to where we were staying in Glyfada.

The beach is large, with sunbeds and umbrellas to hire if needed. Quite a few people sell umbrellas to keep at the entrance to the beach too. There’s plenty of room in front of the sunloungers to set up your own camp, and the sea is delightful. The Macaw beach bar comes highly recommended as either an eat-in venue to shelter from the sun or takeaway for lollies and drinks.

Facilities: Beach bar (eat-in and takeaway), sunbeds and umbrellas to hire

Distance from Athens city centre: 9.4km

Edem beach Athens, Athens riviera

6. Glyfada Beach Athens

We chose to base ourselves nearby Glyfada Athens on our travels around Greece last summer. Here, we stayed in a lovely Airbnb in a residential area within walking distance to Glyfada beach.

The beach itself has sunbeds and umbrellas to hire as well as plenty of space to set up your own camp. We noticed that Glyfada beach was cleaner than other beaches we have been too and the water is sheltered, calm and perfect for kids.

The only place to get food is a small sandwich bar across the main road from Athens city centre and a petrol station shop (also across the road), so I recommend bringing your own food. For a free beach, we were very impressed.

Facilities: Sunbeds and umbrellas, takeaway food, parking (fills up fast)

Distance from Athens city centre: 16km

Glyfada beach Athens

7. Karavi Beach/Marathon Beach

You’ll have to bring your own beach chairs/umbrellas, but this means there’s plenty of spaces to set up camp! This sandy beach is backed by palm trees, so you’ll have the option of some free shade on one of Athens best beaches.

Karavi beach gets very busy with locals at the weekends, and parking gets full quickly, so make sure you arrive very early. The water is crystal clear, calm and ideal for children t play in.

Facilities: water Sports, cafe, restaurant, free parking

Distance from Athens city centre: 39.9km

8. Kavouri Beach Athens (Paralia Kavouri)

Kavouri beach was the first beach I ever visited in Athens and remains one of my favourites. The beach is further away from Athens on the edge of the Athens Riviera in Vouliagmeni, an exclusive area surrounded by villas and not accessible using the tram system. There’s a range of sunbeds and umbrellas to hire on the beach, which have small lockers to enable solo travellers to go swimming and for people to keep their belongings safe. The sea is very calm, shallow and enjoyable to swim in. Kavouri beach is quieter than other beaches on the riviera but still a perfect choice for families.

Facilities: Sunbeds, umbrellas, lockers

Distance from Athens city centre: 22.1km

How to get to Kavouri Beach

The best way to get to Kavouri beach is by catching the Metro to Elliniko station before taking a short taxi (around 9 euro) or 112 bus (just outside the metro station) to Kavouri beach. If you chose to stay in the Divani hotel, there’s a free shuttle service to Syntagma square and Elliniko station.

Kavouri beach, Athens with kids

9. Lagonissi Beach (Payable)

Owned by Grand Resort Lagonissi, this private, family-friendly beach on the Athens coast provides five-star luxury coupled with one of the best beach resorts near Athens.

Facilities: Watersports, kids playground, bar, restaurant, showers

Admission: Click here for the latest entry prices. Admission starts at €20 on weekdays for 1 umbrella and 2 sunbeds and 3€ for a child (2-12) weekdays without a sunbed.

Distance from Athens centre: 38km

10. Oceanis Beach

Oceanis beach is the perfect family beach for a day in the sun – with crystal clear waters.

Distance to Athens city centre: 23km

Oceanis beach Athens
Image By Chris Goldburg

11. Schinias Beach (Paralia Schinia)

This large beach on the eat coat of Athens features crystal clear waters.

Facilities: Watersports, bar, restaurant

Distance from Athens centre: 50km

12. Vouliagemeni Lake

Although not a beach, Vouliagemi lake has all the facilities you would expect from a day at the beach with an added beauty. There’s plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas on the sandy strip at the edge of the lake with shallow waters, although be warned the water gets very deep further out.

Facilities: Pushchair access, showers, restaurant, bar, sun loungers/umbrellas

Distance from Athens centre: 24km

Vouliagemi lake Athens
Lake Vouliagemeni (Image by Regina | Flikr)
Vouliagemi lake athens
Lake Vouliagmeni Athens (By Christina | Flikr)

13. Varkizia Beach Resort Athens

Just next to the suburb of Vouliagmeni, this long stretch of beach features two beach bars, a huge range of watersports options and a range of restaurants.

How to get to Varkazia beach: Tram to the end of the line (Voula) then bus

14. Votsalakia Beach

Votsalakia Beach is near Piraeus and a great visit, especially if you have a ferry to catch the next day. The beach even has its own volleyball court where you can practise your skills on one of the best beaches in Athens, Greece.

Distance from Athens centre: 6.5 miles

Facilities: Sports facilities

15. Yabanaki Beach Resort Athens (Payable) – Home tp the Best Beach Resort Near Athens

Located in Varkiza, Yabanaki beach park has a huge range of things to do. If you visit in the afternoons, there’s a large play area with bouncy castles for the kids. The beach also has a range of watersports facilities where you can try out a variety of activities including, waterskiing, banana boating and stand up paddleboarding.

Yabanaki Beach is home to, Varkiza Resort Yabanaki Beach, one of the best beach resorts near Athens.

Facilities: Shop, cafe, bar, watersports play area, sunbeds, umbrellas, free parking

Admission: 5€ per person and 6€ at weekends | Under 6 FREE

How to get to Yabanaki beach park: Metro to Elliniko station then the 112 or 171 bus from outside the metro station.

Distance to Athens centre: 25km

16. Vouliagemi Beach (Payable)

Vouliagmeni Beach is one of the best beaches around Athens for families. The beach is relatively quiet during the week and popular with locals. During the weekend, Vouliagemi beach can get crowded – especially on Saturday’s.

The modest entry fee includes a sunbed and umbrella. The waters are crystal clear and calm – great for kids.

Facilities: Lifeguards, sunbeds/umbrellas, limited parking, toilets, changing rooms, bar and restaurants within walking distance.

Admission: Adults 4€ | Kids 3€

17. Voula Beach (Payable)

Located at the end of the Athens Riviera tramline, Voula beach features golden sand and crystal clear waters.

Admission: 3€ per person and 6€ at weekends

Facilities: Pool, lifeguard, sunbeds, umbrellas, water sports, café, restaurant

Distance from Athens centre: 18km

Voula tram, athens riviera, athens beaches, athens tram
Voula beach, sunset athens beach
Sunset at Voula Beach (By Elisa)

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