4 Best Quiet Greek Islands to Visit this Summer

Greece is well-known around the world for its stunning landscapes, crystal clear waters and holiday atmosphere. Well-known islands such as Mykonos, Zakynthos and Santorini are visited by thousands each year. There are many Greek islands where you can experience a tranquil island escape, where there will be fewer people but still plenty to be explored! Here are the best quiet islands in Greece to visit this summer.

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Why You Should Consider Visiting a Quiet Greek Island

Visiting one of Greece’s quieter islands is a must-do experience. Get off the beaten track on one of Greece’s more remote islands or explore an island less discovered by tourists.

Quiet Greek Islands in the Cyclades

1. Naxos

Although Naxos is one of the more well-known islands in the Cyclades group, there are many villages and resorts where you can get off the tourist trail and truly immerse yourself in the Greek experience. Head away from the Main Town (Chora) and the popular resorts of Agios Prokopios and Agia Anna to the remote seaside village of Apollonia, where you can dine in traditional family-run tavernas and relax on the small picturesque beach. The village of Plaka is also tranquil. Walk along the 4km sandy beach and enjoy views of neighbouring Paros island.

Appolonia Village, Naxos

Quietest Dodecanese Islands

2. Kasos

The small mountainous island of Kasos lies at the southern tip of the Dodecanese Islands and is bypassed by most tourists.  There are direct flights from Athens and some of the islands, but most visitors take the ferry from Piraeus (21 hours), nearby Rhodes, Karpathos, or Crete.

There is plenty to enjoy on Kasos. There are four villages to explore, plus Fry, the main town and port. You can hire a car or moped in Fry, and there are buses linking all the villages. The town’s name means ‘eyebrow’ and describes the shape of the town. Its picturesque port is Bouka, with its square filled with coffee shops.

 There are lovely beaches and boat trips, churches, chapels, a traditional flour mill, and traditional Kasiot houses to visit. The six churches of Kasos are well known – six white-washed chapels standing in a row, built to ward off bad fairies. Ellinokamara Cave near Agia Marina is where islanders hid during pirate invasions.

 Theoxenia in Panagia Village is the ideal place to stay with traditionally styled rooms with well-equipped kitchens and living areas plus a welcoming basket of local produce.

By Chrisoula, Travel Passionate

Quietest Islands in the Saronic Gulf

3. Spestes

One of the best (and quietest!) Greek islands to visit is Spetses – near the Saronic Gulf and not too far on a ferry from Athens.

The island is calm and relaxing, but has enough to keep one occupied, especially if traveling with kids and your family.

Getting to Spetses is easy via the FlyingCat and Hellenic Seaways FlyingDolphin boats from Athens. Once there, you will notice restaurants and cafes situated along quiet beaches. Some of the main attractions in Spetses are the Spetses Lighthouse, the Bouboulina Museum, Kaiki Beach, Ayia Anargyri Beach, and Xilokeriza Beach.

You will find plenty of delicious restaurants on the island like Clock Eatery and Bouboulina, located directly across from the fish market.

When you’re on Spetses, it is popular to rent bikes, motorbikes, or ATVs for the day and you can do so in various spots around the island. These will allow you private access to many areas of the island otherwise not reachable without transportation.

There are also many amazing places to stay, such as Villa Marina, where your family will feel at home and only be a short distance from Ayios Mamas Beach.

Spestes, Saronic gulf, Quiet Greek Islands

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Quietest Islands in the Sporades

4. Skyros

World-class food, rich culture, and affordable costs, there is a lot for families to love about Greece. While the famous islands in the south get the most visitors for their fun, sun, and party vibe, the Sporade island of Skyros is an ideal fit for families looking for a quiet time with kids. Like almost all Greek islands, families will find the beauty of the turquoise blue Aegean Sea, but in a less touristy and more family-friendly setting. 

Only a short 45-minute flight from Thessaloniki or a four-hour bus and ferry from Athens, Skyros is a gold mine of hikes, beaches, vistas, and calming sunsets for nature-loving families looking to relax. The scenic island has its fair share of clear waters for wading with the young ones or snorkeling for the slightly older kids. But for a bit of a twist, kids love an attraction unique to Skyros- A visit to a miniature pony farm.

It is pretty universal that kids love ponies. Skyros has a tiny 3-foot (92 cm) treat for kids. The Skyros horse is a breed of miniature horses native to the island. One of the rarest breeds of horses in the world, Skyros horses have been domesticated and used since the age of mythology. Descendants of the horses initially brought to the island by fifth-century Atheans; scholars theorized these to be the horses used by Alexander the Great.  

At last count, there are roughly 200 Skyros horses left in the world, and families with kids can visit, pet, play, and even ride with them on several of the horse farms open to the public on the island. For an even more unique experience, some farms offer free accommodation for volunteers (both young and old) looking to help care for the horses.

By Marco, Nomadic Fire

Quietest Greek Islands with an Airport

Greek islands with an airport seem to be busier and somewhat less quiet. There are two types of airports on Greek islands, regional airports which have flights only to Athens (and sometimes other major cities and islands in Greece seasonally) and national airports which fly all over Europe. These islands normally have resorts, and they are very busy. Here are the best quiet greek islands with an airport so you can travel to them easily and still have an amazing time:

  • Lesbos
  • Naxos
  • Leros

Kefalonia: Kefalonia has a national airport with flight routes around Europe. Stay away from the main resorts, and you’ll find tranquil villages, beautiful beaches and a tranquil atmosphere. View our best things to do in Kefalonia here or our top places to stay here.

Karpathos: Set between the busier islands of Rhodes and Crete, Karpathos is a hidden gem and great for a quiet holiday.

You can view a full list of airports in Greece here

Quiet Greek Islands with Direct Flights

Kefalonia is your best bet for a quiet Greek island with direct flights from the UK. Other quiet Greek islands have direct flights from Athens. If you fly to an island such as Mykonos or Santorini, you’re just a short ferry journey away from much quieter islands such as Amorgos, Folegandros and Donoussa.

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