A Day Trip from Santa Eulalia to San Antonio

If you’re visiting Santa Eulalia, you’re probably wondering about the different day trips you could take during your holiday. San Antonio is the largest resort in Ibiza, famous for its superclubs as well as it’s all-day pool parties at Ibiza Rocks and Ocean Beach. Despite this, the resort is also popular with families. There are so many activities, including boat trips, stunning walks, and perfect sunsets.

I’ve stayed in Ibiza many times, both in San Antonio for more party orientated holidays and in Santa Eulalia and San Antonio Bay for family holidays. While staying in Santa Eulalia, we took a day trip to San Antonio.

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How to Get from Santa Eulalia to San Antonio

Bus to San Antonio | This is the option we took. There’s a direct morning bus from San Antonio to Santa Eulalia for 2.35 Euro. If you can’t make the direct bus, you will have to take a bus to Ibiza Town, then on to San Antonio. The buses are run by Ibiza Bus.

Taxi from Santa Eulalia to San Antonio | A taxi ride will set you back between 35 and 40 Euro (more at night). There’s no shortage of taxis by day. You can either phone for a taxi from your accommodation (although you will be charged a call-out fee) or walk to the taxi rank in Santa Eulalia which is just next to the bus station.

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Santa Eulalia to San Antonio | An Itineary

This itinerary packs in the most sights and distance possible in one day to make the most of your day in San Antonio.

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The Bus from Santa Eulalia to San Antonio (9:30AM)

There are 5 direct buses from Santa Eulalia to San Antonio. (May-October). This itinerary works best if you board the earliest bus at 9:30AM. In Santa Eulalia, you should buy your bus ticket at the kiosk before boarding the bus.

Address | Spain, Camí de Missa, 29, 07840 Santa Eulària des Riu, Spain

Shopping and scenery

On your arrival into San Antonio, walk towards the sea. Carry on exploring the area on the right-hand side of San Antonio beach. On the way, you’ll pass the egg roundabout. The egg is now a famous landmark after it was initially build to celebrate San Antonio as the birthplace of Christopher Colombus.

There are lots of little shops and cafes. You can also admire the luxury yachts parked in the harbour along with the stunning sea views. I enjoy getting lost in the streets heading uphill from this area. One of them is the notorious West End where nights in Ibiza start for many.

A Walk and Lunch

Once you’ve explored the shopping area, it’s time for a walk around the Bay (while looking at the sea, walk left). S’Arenal beach is backed with cafe’s, bars and shops. Look out for the Ibiza rocks bar. You might even want to stop for a cocktail (I definitely recommend the mojito’s!). Walking all the way around the promenade to the Ocean Beach club is enough to take in the scenery and make the most of the Bay.

However, if you’re feeling adventurous, carry on walking past Ocen beach into San Antonio Bay for as far as you wish. There are water-taxi services from various parts of the Bay back to where you started the walk. The full walk would take you to the Fiesta Milord Hotel. During the walk, find somewhere you fancy to eat lunch. If you’ve brought a picnic, then it’s best enjoyed on San Antonio Beach. If you’re not hungry yet, there are more food options at the next stop.

A walk around San Antonio Bay – The view at the end

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Cala Gracio | An afternoon at the Beach

Although San Antonio beach is fantastic, Cala Gracio is a hidden gem that is within walking distance of San Antonio. An afternoon on Cala Gracio beach is well-worth the distance. As one of the best beaches in Ibiza.

Take a walk around the back of the beach (or swim) to Cala Gracionetta, a tiny picturesque beach next door to Cala Gracio. There are sun loungers and parasols to rent if you fancy it. There’s also plenty of room to place a towel.

If you fancy something to eat, Cala Gracio beach bar serves everything you can think of. From takeaway lollies, soft drinks and amazing cocktails to classic Ibizan specials. For a more intimate experience, El Chiringuito is a small restaurant overlooking Cala Gracioneta beach owned by the Mambo group.

Cala Gracio Beach from above

How to get to Cala Gracio from San Antonio

Taxi | There’s a taxi rank in San Antonio’s main square behind the marina. A cab to Cala Gracio should be 5-8 Euro.

Bus | Line 1 runs from San Antonio o Cala Gracio hourly until 21:30PM. Catch the bus from San Antonio Bus Station where you arrived from Santa Eulalia.

Water Taxi | Water taxi services run every hour from San Antonio marina to Cala Gracio. The tickets cost 6 Euro. I highly recommend taking this route, then walking back towards the sunset strip at the end of the day.

Walk | The walk between San Antonio and Cala Gracio is beautiful. Head along the marina and to the end of the sunset strip. Keep following the path through the resort of Cala Nova and along the rocks to Cala Gracio.

Walking between Cala Gracio and the Sunset Strip

A Classic Ibiza Sunset

If you fancy an evening in San Antonio, the sunset strip is a must-visit. The Sunset Strip is home to the likes of Cafe Mambo and Cafe del Mar, booking a table at one of these famous bars is a once in a lifetime experience. Alternatively, many decide to purchase a drink from a nearby shop and enjoy it on the rocks. Famous DJ’s including the likes of Carl Cox, David Guetta, and Pete Tong have regularly played on the sunset strip. You’ll be guaranteed to hear some good music. Before the sunset, music is normally Classic Ibiza Chillout before changing into more party orientated Ibiza music once the sun has set.

Sunset views from the Sunset Strip

To reach the Sunset strip from Cala Gracio, it’s possible to walk over a stunning coastal path, through the resort of Cala Nova and right onto the sunset strip. Alternatively, could also call a taxi. The lifeguards on Cala Gracio are always happy to help phone a taxi.

The best way to return to Santa Eulalia at night is by taxi. Walk along the Sunset strip past Savannah and Fresh, along the marina back towards San Antonio centre. Here you’ll pass the taxi rank.

An Ibiza Sunset from S’Arenal Beach San Antonio

Other things to do in San Antonio


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