4 day Devon, UK Itinerary with kids

Intro about area and Devon

We explored Devon for 4 days. However, there are many places I’d already visited and I know the area well. You could easily spend 2 months exploring the ins and outs of Devon. This would give you a chance to explore the whole coastline.

Here is my 4 day Devon itineary that I used for my travels through Devon with a baby.

Day 1 : Arrive in Exeter

Travelled from home in St Ives Cornwall. Arrived into Exeter St Davids Station – out of city centre.

Walked into exeter and dinner

We stayed in The Premier Inn Exeter St Davids, booked in advance extremely cheap and provide a cot.

Day 2: Day trip to Exmouth

Other day trip ideas


Dawlish Warren


Day 3: Travel from Exeter to Plymouth

Day 4: Plymouth & Home

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