8 Best Toddler Travel Toys for Planes and Trains [2022]

Are you looking for inspiration on the perfect toddler travel toys to bring on your next trip? Look no further. Whether you’re searching for the best toddler educational toys for your trip, the best car travel toys for toddlers or the best train toys for toddlers, you’ll find some inspiration here! Top travel bloggers have contributed their BEST toddler travel toy to compile the ultimate list. Keep your toddler entertained on those long plane and train journies.

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7 Best Toddlers Travel Toys – Keep Your Child Occupied on Planes and Trains

There are hundreds of fantastic toys you could take with you travelling. Here are some of our top picks as well as leading travel bloggers favourites:

1. Die Cast Cars

Recommended by Lisa, Flip Flop Globetrotters

The one thing that we always brought on our travels for our toddler, besides the usual accessories such as our baby carrier and his toddler travel bed, was a small bag of die-cast cars. Like a changing mat and diapers, this bag with about 10 hot wheels cars was something we always carried in our daypack.

Little toy cars are perfect for playing with while travelling on a plane, boat, bus, or train and waiting at a restaurant or airport. If you bring some paper and a pen, you can draw a road and some buildings to create a whole story around the cars.

Our son used to love this. Die-cast cars really make great travel toys. They’re versatile, very durable, and hardly take up any space. 

2. Window Clings

Recommended by Marquita: Marquita’s Travels

Window clings, also known as removable stickers, are some of the best toddler travel toys. Due to their size, they are easy to transport, allowing one to take as many or few clings as desired. In addition, they don’t omit a lot of noise, making it one of the best travel toys when close to others.  What’s most important is that toddlers love them.

Window Clings can be used on windows as well as the back of most seats. Most children simply love the fact that they can take the stickers on and off as many times as they want, unlike regular stickers on mom’s furniture- which is a serious “no, no”. Similarly, since they come in various shapes, sizes, and themes, a kid’s imagination can run free for hours with window clings. A win/win for the toddler, mum, and everyone else near.

3. A Montessouri Board

A Montessori board, also known as Busy Board, is the perfect toy for toddlers on a long plane and train journies. Your child can improve their motor skills and other essential skills while being entertained. The boards are usually soft and extremely easy to fit into your luggage. They either squeeze in with a set of books or fold at the top of a bag.

This board has 14 different buckles, a zip pocket, lace, a set of hook&loop alphabet, and 123 letters. There’s also a variety of colours including pink, grey and blue.

4. A Mini Book Set

A mini book set is a perfect addition to your toddler’s toy bag on long journies. Not only will your toddler be entertained on the plane, but the books couple up as bedtime stories on holiday and enable you and your toddler to spend some quality time reading the books on the plane without screen time. Hundreds of mini book sets are available, including the Hey Duggee Bedtime Libary Set, the Gruffalo Mini Libary, and the Peppa Pig Fairytale Libary.

5. Magnatiles

Recommended by Corritta, Itz a Family Thing

If you are looking for the perfect portable travel toy, nearly indestructible, promotes imaginative play, creativity and improves motor skills, then MagnaTiles are the best travel toy for your toddler.

MagnaTiles are the perfect alternatives to LEGOS, plus they are a lot of fun. Your toddler can create anything they can imagine.

These magnetic building tiles promote STEM learning by encouraging kids to use their imagination. Using these magnets to build helps your little one develop and understand concepts about science, math, tactile and spatial skills.

Your little one will stay occupied with these tiles while learning colours, shapes, patterns, and so much more.

6. A Magic Colour Book

Reccomended by Clotilde, aprincesstravellingwithtwins.com

When planning a perfect family trip, it is essential to consider carefully what to pack. Small and mess-free are the two primary characteristics of the ideal toys when you travel.

The water magic books tick all the boxes. These books are small and easy to pack, but the best part is you only need one pen to have all the colours required. The resistant cardboard pages have a coating that reacts to water.

The book comes with a chunky pen that only needs to be filled with a bit of water. When the child “draws” on the pages, the colours appear and reveal the picture! In a short while, the pages dry out, and your child can start again! Infinite fun that will keep your kids entertained! Endless fun that will keep your kids occupied!

7. Imagine Ink pads

Recommended by Keri, Bon Voyage With Kids

One of our favourite travel toys and activities for toddlers on a plane or a train is an Imagine Inkpad for kids.  These pads are great for little ones because they are no mess, easy to use, and there is only one marker to worry about.  And, they often come themed with kids’ favourite pals like Peppa Pig or Thomas The Train. 

 Typically these pads are exciting for toddlers because the “special marker” reveals pictures, colours, and answers to puzzles with its “magic ink”.  This alone is exciting for toddlers.  But my kids loved that there were plenty of activities to keep them busy, and there are no tears because you can’t accidentally colour the wrong thing.

The magic ink does it for you! Plus, one marker means you don’t have to worry about losing pieces on the floor (a dream for parents.) 

It is easy, light, entertaining, and one of the best things to include in kids’ carry-ons on a plane or a train, especially for the toddler set! 

8. Tegu Magnetic Wooden Building Blocks

Recommended by John, Your Destination is Everywhere

This 6-piece magnetic puzzle is the perfect travel toy for your toddler because it does a wonderful job of keeping them occupied (for long road trips or train rides).

There are certain designs that the puzzle will arrive in, but these 6 colourful wooden blocks can be arranged into over 49 different whimsical creations like a horse, a rocket, or a steamboat! The best toddler toys are the ones that encourage them to use their imagination right?

Not only that this is a fun bonding activity for you and your child, but it can also improve their motor skills and creativity. This puzzle set is so light and compact you can bring it almost anywhere. Plus, there are only 6 pieces so you don’t really have to worry about losing any of them.

How do I keep my toddler entertained on a plane?

If you’re flying with a toddler, there are many ways to entertain! Although it’s hard work, a bit of pre-planning WILL pay off. Pack a selection of your toddler’s favourite toys or a bag of new toys to keep your toddler occupied throughout the flight.

Try to mix it up a bit by bringing a few different toys (e.g. window clings, a tablet and a bag of cars). It’s also essential to bring other essentials to help the flight run smoothly with your toddler, including at least one spare change of clothes, plenty of snacks and anything your toddler needs typically to go to sleep.

Take a look at our list above for inspiration on the very best travel toys to bring on your flight.

How do you keep a toddler occupied on a long car ride?

There are many tips and tricks to help the journey pass by smoothly with your toddler. Make sure you make plenty of stops on your journey and bring other essentials, including at least one spare change of clothes and plenty of snacks!

Make sure you bring a selection of exciting toys for your toddler, whether that’s new toys or a selection of your toddler’s favourite toys.,

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