Best Travel Potty for Toddlers UK [Updated March 2022]

Are you looking for the perfect travel potty for your next trip? Look no further. We’ve compared the 10 best travel potties on the market.

One of the hardest things you’ll go through with your toddler is potty training. If you don’t plan for it, potty training can be difficult when travelling or getting out and about. Potty training while travelling is now made easier with a travel potty. You can simply bring the potty with you and have the perfect day out with your child.

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Travel Potty Comparison Chart

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Why you need a Travel Potty

A travel potty comes in handy in many cases. My daughter doesn’t like the hole in the toilet seat, which makes it difficult to use toilets in hotels or when out and about. A portable potty for toddlers is perfect for days out.

You may want to consider a portable toddler toilet seat for your accommodation, but a portable potty can be used when out and about AND in accommodation. A Travel potty is lightweight and highly portable.

Types of Travel Potties

There are two major types of travel potties – portable potty seats and portable potty chairs. There’s also2 in 1 potties that have both these functions:

Portable Travel Potty Seat for Toddlers

Travel potty chairs are standalone toilets for little children. This type of travel potty is portable, and you can stow it with ease in a vehicle. They are like a smaller version of an adult toilet for little children. You can use them with a disposable bag, making them easy to clean.

You can also find some models that you do not need to use with disposable bags, but they are difficult to clean.

Portable Toilet Seat or Training Potty Seat

A travel potty seat is a seat that you can use with a toilet to enable your child to sit comfortably on the toilet. Travel potty seats are not standalone toilets, which means you cannot use them alone.

This type of travel potty seat makes it easy for your child to use public toilets when needed. You can fold them into smaller sizes, making them easy and convenient to carry anywhere.

2 in 1 Travel Potty

A 2 in 1 travel potty serves as a toilet seat and a portable potty. You can use the potty in your accommodation to get your child familiar with using the toilet AND use the potty when out and about.

Travel Potty Reviews and Comparison Guide

Here are the best toddler travel potties UK:

#1 POTETTE PLUS 2 in 1 Travel Pot – Cheapest Travel Potty for Toddlers UK

The POTETTE travel potty can be used as a portable potty and a toilet. You can use the potty on the go and in your accommodation.

 The compact size and lightweight makes it easy to carry around. The potty also comes with a bag, making carrying even more straightforward to travel with.

Even a disposable and super absorbent refill is guaranteed to be leak-free and can be disposed of just like a nappy. The disposable refill is lightly scented to retain odours and hold up to 150ml of liquid.

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#2 My Carry Potty – Best Travel Potty for Car Travel

This portable potty can easily be used while travelling. It also comes with a handle, making it easier to carry around. It can also be hung to your pushchair easily when out and about.

The My Carry Potty is also lightweight and has a unique seal that is guaranteed to be leakproof. Its design also makes it easy to clean, and there’s an extra-tall splash guard, which makes it convenient to use both for boys and girls.

Your little one will love it because of its vivid colours and design of cute characters. The seat is very comfy and slip-proof.

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#3 Multiware Music Toddler Potty

This 2 in 1 potty can be used both on the toilet and out and about. The design makes the seat comfortable for a small child. Its 4 non-slip gaskets assure safety and stability.

The sturdy build can hold children of varying ages, while the realism of the build to a toilet will help your child when it’s time to move on to using the toilet without a seat.

The star feature of this potty is the option to play music! 4 royal tunes make potty time fun for your little one. The product’s colour and design will also grab their attention, thus making the product very appealing.

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#4 POTETTE Max 3-in-1 Travel Potty – Best Small Travel Potty

As the successor of the famous POTETTE 2 in 1, this product comes with an additional convertible feature, i.e. it can be used as a travel potty or a standalone toilet or a toilet trainer for your little one. Its easy mechanism can help you fit the potty right in your toilet and can help you train your child both out and about and in the home.

This potty is lightweight, thus, making it easier to carry while travelling. There’s the option of using disposable liners or hardliners, making the potty efficient for use no matter where you are.

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#5 OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty – Best Travel Potty Toilet Seat for Toddlers

The OXO potty comes with 3x disposable bags with absorbent pads and a travel bag. The product is straightforward to use and opens quickly.

The legs of the potty are adjustable, which takes much less storage space and makes it compatible for use as a potty and a toilet trainer seat.

Additionally, the product comes with a guarantee. If there are any faults or repairs to be made, just contact OXO, and they will repair or replace the potty.

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#6 Wishtime Baby 2-in-1 Travel Potty – Best Travel Potty UK Overall

This 2 in 1. potty works as a trainer set and a detachable mini toilet bowl, making it easy to clean and reuse. This is an excellent choice for those who don’t like using disposable liners. It’s really compact in size and foldable, which takes little space. You can easily store it in your car’s boot while travelling or inside the pushchair bag on a plane.

The wishtime baby 2 in 1 is designed for your child’s comfort. It is also available in bright colours that grab young children’s attention.

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#7 Glenmore Portable Travel Potty – Best Travel Potty Chair for Toddlers

The Glenmore Portable Travel potty is a case style travel potty, made from eco-friendly material. It has a detachable bowl which makes cleaning easier, and a carry handle attached to the potty for easy carrying.

This portable travel potty has a 3-centimetre-tall splash guard to protect against accidental spills, as well as being very sturdy and stable with an anti-slip rubber pad so you’ll have no worries about your child flipping the potty over.

Your child will love this potty. The comfort of its fun design will win your child over in no time.

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#8 WISHTIME Baby Travel Potty

The WISHTIME baby Travel potty is a compact and lightweight potty that you can carry almost anywhere with ease. Its design takes less space. You can put it in the boot of your car or pushchair bag on a plane and take it anywhere. The compact design also fit underneath most pushchairs.

The product comes with 20 disposable bags and takes seconds to clean. It is made of high quality and non-toxic materials and is sturdy and safe. The product is easy to use. You can unfold it and set it up for your little one in seconds.

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#9 Potty Training Toilet Chair 3-in-1

The Potty training toilet chair is a multifunctional potty. It can be used to train your toddler on the toilet or used outdoors as a travel potty.

The product has TPR rubber non-slip foot pads, and the legs can be securely locked by the groove to ensure the stability of the toilet seat, ensuring your child’s safety. A smooth contour provides the comfort of your child while using the seat.

The inner bowl in the potty seat is easy to remove for quick cleaning. A splash guard prevents spillage and is suitable for both boys and girls.

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#10 OKBaby Roady 3-in-1 Potty

The OKBaby Roady 3-in-1 Potty functions as a travel potty, toilet reducer and traditional potty. The toilet bowl is detachable and can be washed and reused easily. It has a holding capacity of up to 800ml.

The product comes with 3x disposable liners that can hold up to 300ml. It folds quickly and neatly into a carry bag comes within the price. The legs provide stability and ensure the safety of your child. The seat is designed to make your little one’s time comfy. The potty is made of eco-friendly and non-toxic material.

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