EXACTLY How to Get from Athens Airport to The Acropolis

This short article will explain how to get from Athens Airport to the Acropolis, one of the most famous sites in Athens and Greece.

We’ll take you through how to catch the bus, metro, taxi and private transfer from Athens Airport to the city, and the cost of a taxi from Athens airport to city centre locations.

Athens International Airport transportation is quick, easy, and efficient, and this guide will show you how to get from Athens Airport to the Acropolis and the rest of the city centre.

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Where is The Acropolis of Athens Located?

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The Acropolis of Athens is in the centre of the city, surrounded by many bus and metro routes. It’s located on a giant hill and rocky outcropping that overlooks the city, and its name means highest point in the city – which it still is today.

The postal address and code are Acropolis, Athens, 105 58.

How to Get from Athens Airport to The City Centre (Acropolis Area)

If you’re planning a trip from Athens Airport to The Acropolis, there are many options including taxi, private transfer, metro and bus:

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Taxi from Athens Airport to Acropolis

A taxi ride airport – Athens takes about 30 minutes depending on traffic and time of day – much quicker than the bus!.

At the airport, taxis can be found at the designated Taxi Waiting Area at Exit 3 of the Arrivals section of the airport. It’s much better to pre-book a transfer with Welcome Pickups. They provide a premium service, collection from the arrivals hall, car seats and even a goodie bag + water all for the same price as a taxi! Book your transfer here >>>

How much is a taxi from Athens Airport to the Acropolis?

A taxi from Athens Airport to the city centre inner ring costs a flat fare of €35 in the daytime and €49 at night.

The Acropolis is outside the inner ring and so will usually cost between €3 and €5 euros more, though this varies. Book your airport taxi transfer here >>>

Private Transfer from Athens Airport to The Acropolis

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An Acropolis – Airport shuttle from Welcome Pickups offers the same service for the same price as taxis. Other services include Athens Transfer Services and Transfers-Athens. Private transfer Athens Airport to the Acropolis takes 25-30 mins.

Athens Airport to Acropoli Metro Station

Fortunately, the Airport Athens, Greece, has the Athens Airport metro right there in easy access next to the main terminal. It is clearly signposted in both English and Greek.

The Athens Airport subway (and the metro in the rest of the city) is very easy to use. A single ticket lasts for 90 mins and can be used as many times as you want in that time on the metro, the bus, and the trams.

It leaves Athens Airport to Athens and vice versa every 30 minutes between 06:30 and 23:30. The trip from Athens Airport to Acropolis Metro Station takes 48 minutes. The Acropoli Metro Station is a 2-minute walk from the Acropolis.

Within the metro station itself, there are also several historical statues and archaeological displays from the Acropolis digsites. This is common in Athens, where metros often display archaeological finds from when the tunnels were excavated.

The metro, tram, trolleys, and city bus are run by OASA – Transport for Athens.

How much is the metro from Athens airport to the city centre?

The metro from the airport to the city centre costs €9 one way, €4.50 for a discounted ticket, and €16 return.

Tickets can either be bought at the counters from staff or from one of the automatic machines, which are available in several languages including English.

Bus Options from Athens Airport to The Acropolis

There are several bus options when visiting the Acropolis:

The express bus from Athens Airport stops directly at the Acropolis (line X80, May to October only) every half an hour from 07:30 to 21:30.

Other express buses which go to the centre include the X14, and two weekday-only buses, E14 and E90. These buses are €6 euro or €3 discounted.

There is also a 3-day tourist ticket which can be used on the bus, metro, trams, trolleys, and the suburban railway, as well as the express bus. It costs €20 euro.

Buses from Athens Airport by bus take between 1 hr 20 and 1hr 40 depending on traffic.

There are a few regional bus options run by KTEL from the Athens Airport bus lines. KTEL Bus 2, 10 and 11, 15, and 309 stop at different points in the city.

From various points across the city centre, you can also transfer from other Athens, Greece, airport transport options and get the city bus lines 035, 040, 550, Α13, Α2 and B9, which will take longer.

A single ticket on the city bus costs €1.20 for 90 mins, €4.10 for 24 hours, and €8.20 for five days, not including airport travel.

Xpress buses stop outside Arrivals between Exits 4 and 5 for boarding and at Departures for disembarking at the airport. KTEL buses depart from Arrivals between Exits 2 and 3, opposite the Airport Hotel, and arrive at the Departures level.

Getting to The Acropolis from The Bus Stop

The X80 stops right by the pathway to the Acropolis Museum. There are several city bus stops a short walk from the Acropolis. Some of the nearest are Akropolē (3 mins) and Makrygiannē (13 mins).

Discounted OASA Tickets

The following people qualify for the discounted tickets on the metro and tram. Some of these discounts only apply to Greek residents, so check before you travel with a member of OASA staff, available at all metro stations.

  • Students of Public Tertiary Education
  • Students of Tertiary Education Schools or Universities abroad until 25 years old, by the presentation of a valid Student Card – University ID and a valid Passport or Identity Card
  • Students of Public Vocational Training Schools until 22 years old
  • Students of Public Schools falling under the competence of Ministries of Culture, Defence, Maritime Affairs, Labour and Tourism
  • Large families
  • Children between 7 and 12 years old
  • Young people between 13 and 18 years old
  • Persons over 65 years old

In addition, free travel is extended to the following people (mostly only Greek residents except for the last)

  • Unemployed, registered in OAED registries
  • Disabled persons with a pathological disability rate >67%
  • Students of all levels of public education residing at a distance from the school
  • Conscripts and Officer Designates of the three branches of the Armed Forces
  • Invalids of war and peace period
  • Armed personnel of the Greek Police, the Border Guards, and Special Guards
  • Armed personnel of the Fire Service (permanent firefighters and 5-year term firefighters)
  • Armed personnel and officer designate of the Coast Guard
  • Children under six (6) years old

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