Where to stay in Koh Phangan | Best Areas to Stay for Families

Looking for the best area to stay in Koh Phangan with kids? This post will go through where to stay in Koh Phangan with family and the best hotels in Koh Phangan, Thailand, to help you find the perfect accommodation in Ko Phangan for you and your family.

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Throughout this post you’ll see each accommodation recommendation labelled as either $ $$ or $$$.

$ = Family-friendly budget accommodation

$$ = Mid-Range

$$$ = High end

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Thong Nai Pan

Without a doubt, Thong Nai Pan is one of the best family holiday destinations in Koh Phangan. Backed by rainforest views, scenic mountains, and white sandy beaches make, this place is suitable for families with children who want to experience the beauty of the calm and unique nature.

This family area offers a range of activities to do on the beach, such as swimming, playing frisbee, yoga, beach volleyball, kayaking, having a go in a hammock and even a beach swing! For an adventurous family, you can explore the waterfalls and walk to the viewpoint to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the whole area.

Places to stay in Thong Nai Pan

High Budget – Panviman Resort Koh Phangan

The spectacular luxury resort located on a steep hillside is not just having incredible views of the Thong Nai Pan Beach but also caters for young family members by providing a kid’s room with various toys, a small library In Pan Sea Restaurant, a babysitting service,playground, bicycle and kayak rental! View the latest prices and availability for your dates here.

Low Budget – Pen’s Bungalow

Located right on the beach, easy access to the water gives this place an additional advantage. This place offers amazing facilities, including BBQ facilities, a playground, a spa, boats, snorkelling and diving to their guests. View the latest prices and availability for your dates here.

Baan Tai (Northwest)

For families with older children like teenagers, Baan Tai (Northwest) is an ideal place to stay during a family vacation in Koh Phangan. Besides being a charming and beautiful town, the place offers easy access to nearby activities and attractions for families.

You can check out numerous athletic events in this place, such as tennis, Muay Thai, kite surfing, diving, snorkelling and The Challenge Phangan (water obstacle course). For families with younger children, you can bring them to Sunset Walk (a great little park for children) and Phangan Arena, where you can find jorkyball pitch for little ones!

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Places to stay in Baan Tai with kids

High Budget – Summer Luxury Beach Resort & Spa

Nestled merely 2km away from the city centre, this amazing resort overlooking the serene emerald water is a great option for family accommodation. You will be entertained by the facilities provided, such as a waterpark, water sports equipment rental, boats, kayaks, windsurfing and many more. A babysitting service is also provided here! View the latest prices and availability for your dates here.

Low Budget – Dewshore Resort

The resort is set right on the long quiet beach with beautiful sunset views, a relaxed vibe, hammocks in the garden and a kid’s pool. Its location nearby famous landmarks such as Kiteboarding Asia, Phangan Arena, and Jorkyball makes this resort an exceptional place to stay with family.


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Chaloklum used to be a marvellous fishing village. Therefore, you can still experience laid-back vibes while enjoying the beautiful mountains up in the distance. It is definitely perfect for families just to stroll along the white sandy beach, splashing in the water, exploring the village centre, or even just relaxing while watching the nearby long-tail boats.

Nevertheless, you can still explore with your family, such as visiting temples around the area, taking a dip at nearby waterfalls or feeding elephants at the elephant’s sanctuary. Diving and snorkelling centres are also available here.

Places to stay in Chaloklum

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High Budget – Silan Residence Koh Phangan

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Amazing spacious bungalows facing towards the beach are definitely an ideal location for a family with children. Nestled in the heart of the most authentic village on the island provides privacy and seclusion for families looking for tranquil relaxation. For those who want to experience a Thai authentic holiday, this place is for you!

Low Budget – Wattana Resort

Set at the end of Chaloklum Bay and 15 minutes walk to the village, this small resort offers a serene atmosphere, an amazing restaurant and a great sea view. The classic family bungalow is located right on the beach, with a nice porch and a hammock to chill out with family.

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Srithanu offers white sand beaches, palm trees, pristine waters and plenty of resorts along the beach. For families interested in body and mind health, look no further than Srithanu! This place has become a leading centre for vegan and vegetarian cuisine in Thailand, besides providing numerous yoga lessons for adults and children. You can also experience reiki, meditate and detox while you are here.

However, you can still have some fun by diving or snorkelling, kayaking, boating at Laem Son Lake, strolling along Zen Beach, or just connecting with other families there.

Places to stay in Srithanu

High Budget – Loyfa Natural Resort

This natural retreat resort is nicely built right by the sea with a private beach which is suitable and safe for young children to swim. The whole family can enjoy the transformational and healing treatments for the body, soul and spirit during your holiday. Family room and babysitting services are available here.

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Low Budget – Nice Sea Resort

If you are looking for a low-key resort with a gorgeous location, beautiful sunset and friendly atmosphere, this is a place for you! A family-oriented resort ranging from wooden fan bungalows to impressive villas makes your stay worth the money spent. Not to forget, the massage place is just around the corner.

Haad Yao & Haad Salad

If you love stunning white bay with shallow waters and a laid-back atmosphere, this place defines the best family beach vacation. No wonder it’s been called The Perfect Beach! This place is famous for snorkelling and diving spot as you can find coral reefs about 400 meters off the coast. Another nearby snorkelling and diving site is Koh Ma Marine Park.

For nature enthusiasts’ families, you can head to Wang Sai Waterfall or hike up the nearby hills. Or you can visit the nearby cultural interests such as the Chinese Temple and Wat Phu Khao Noi.

Places to stay in Haad Yao & Haad Salad

High Budget – Baan Kiao

Surrounded by the lush tropical greenery and located by the most beautiful beach on the island truly defines this resort is a tropical paradise. Very quiet place with and charming atmosphere, which is great for families. The resort provides snorkelling and diving trip besides jungle trekking tours for their guests at an additional charge.

Low Budget – Shiralea Island Resort

Though the resort is famous among backpackers, never underestimate this place as it provides a spacious room with 2 queen beds for a family at an affordable price. Set in a tropical garden setting and about 20 metres walk to the stunning beach, this place offers plenty of activities to do with families.

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