A Day Trip to Ios, Greece: One Day Itinerary [2022]

If you’re visiting Ios on a day trip from another island or only have limited time to explore this beautiful island, you may be looking at how much you can fit into one day in Ios.

Each day trip to Ios will be slightly different depending on which island you’re coming from due to the differing ferry schedules giving different amounts of time on the island. I recommend that you book the ferry that enables you to have the longest possible amount of time on the island, so you get longer in each area mentioned.

This Ios, one-day itinerary enables you to see the resort of Myoplatas, Ios Chora, Yialos and Ios port in one day.

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MAP: Ios, Greece Location

The island of Ios is located in the Cyclades islands in Greece, close by to the small Cyclades, Sikinos. Folegandros, Naxos and Paros. The island is served by many ferries passing through the Cyclades.

Morning – Arrive in Ios and travel to Myopotos beach

When planning your trip to Greece, you can book your ferry tickets online through Ferry Hopper. Ferries often get booked up, so make sure you book in advance.

View Ferry Tickets and Availability Below:

Once you step off the ferry into the port of Ios, walk straight forward, and you’ll reach the KTEL bus stop for Ios port. The Ios bus system is minimal, with most island areas being reached only by boat trips or full-day trips by boat.

The regular bus service in Ios runs to Myoplatas beach via Ios Chora up to every 20 minutes in high season with a fixed rate of €1.80.

The bus link is excellent for seeing these areas in one day. If you’re taking a day trip to Ios using your own transport, then this route can still be easily followed.

Top things to do in Myopotas, Ios

There are many things to do in Myopotos. Here are some of our top recommendations:

Visit Mypotas Beach

Probably the most popular activity in Myopotos is getting some beach time in. Myopotos beach is a long, white sand beach with crystal clear waters. The beach is organised with plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas, each section owned by one of the beachside cafes and tavernas.

Myopotos beach, Ios, Greece, cyclades, ios day trip
A side view of Myopotos beach
A view out to sea from Myopotos beach, Ios, Greece
A view out to sea from Myopotos beach out towards Sikinos island

Relax at Karma Beach Bar

Karma beach is a family-run Italian restaurant with a chilled atmosphere. Guests can sit in hammocks, and there’s also shisha available. Make sure you try the Italian pizza – the best on the island.

Walk Through the Resort and Shop for Souvenirs

The resort of Myoplatas runs all the way along the beachfront. Strolling down the road will take you to many souvenir shops. Why not pick something up to remember the day.

Far Out Beach Club

Myopotos is home to Far out beach club, a daytime party venue popular with young revellers coming to enjoy the Ios nightlife. Far out is the centre of the Ios party scene before moving into Ios Chora during the evening.

Walk the Surrounding Hills of Myopotos

Walking towards the cliffside villas rising above Myoplatas is an excellent way to get amazing panoramic views of the whole of Myoplatas.

Early Afternoon – Bus from Myopotos to Ios Chora

Once you’ve finished exploring Myoplatas, hop back on the bus at one of 3 beachside stops along with the resort. The bus ride from Myoplatas to Ios Chora will cost €1.80 and take 15 minutes. It’s not possible to walk between the two locations.

Ios Chora

Chora is the capital and the main town of the island. It’s also the hub of everything going on on the island. The town consists of the main street with lots of amenities such as supermarkets, banks and bakeries.

The old town of Chora climbs up through traditional Cycladic streets and white stone buildings to a church high on the hill. The won has a buzzing nightlife scene where the doors of the small buildings open to become underground clubs. It’s better to explore the town when most people are on the beach in the daytime.

Ios Chora, Ios town, day trip to Ios, ios one day itineary, ios church
Ios Chora
Ios church, ios chora, greece, sunset ios

Top things to do in Ios Chora:

Get Lost in the Old Town

The main thing to do in Ios town is explore the winding streets that make the town so famous.

Visit the Traditional Churches

Climbing right to the top of the old town (if you can find the way), you can view traditional Cycladic churches with panoramic views down towards Yialos beach. You can also view a larger church at the bottom of the old town. If you visit in the morning, you’ll be able to hear the bells ringing.

How to Get From Ios Chora to Ios Port

You have two options to get from Ios Chora back towards Ios port. You can either board the bus from across the road to where you got off or walk down the old donkey trail towards the port, a scenic walk where you can take in the views.

Walking from Ios Chora to Ios Port

The walk from Ios Chora to the port should take around 20 minutes. You’ll get some pretty views of Yialos beach and ferries docking in the harbour. If you have the time, I highly recommend the walk.

After sunset - looking down onto Yialos beach and Ios port from Ios Chora
After sunset – looking down onto Yialos beach and Ios port from Ios Chora
The old Donkey Trail from Ios Port to Ios Chora.
Steps between Ios Chora and Ios Port

Bus from Ios Chora to Ios Port

The bus from Ios Chora to the port departs up to every 20 minutes in high season and costs €1.80. The journey takes no longer than 12 minutes and could be as quick as 5 minutes down a winding road towards the port.

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Exploring Yialos | Ios Port

Once at the port, you’ll hopefully have some time to explore the port area. Walk left, and you’ll see a vast variety of private yachts moored in the harbour. Walk all the way to the end of the road, and you’ll get to a traditional Cycladic church with panoramic views out to sea. Walk right from the port, and you’ll reach Yialos beach, a calm stretch of water perfect for kids. There are sunbeds to hire for just €3 if you have enough time.

ios day trip
Yialos and Ios port
Yialos beach, Ios day trip
Yialos Beach
ios day trip

Late Afternoon/Evening – Ferry back to starting point

Now it’s time to say goodbye to Ios after a fantastic day trip. Yialos is right next to the ferry port so you won’t have far to walk. Safe travels.

Note: A day trip to Ios varies completely and dramatically on ferry schedules. There is not a direct return service to Ios from all neighbouring islands every day. You should pick a day when there is a boat both there and back for a reasonable rate. For example, some trips to Ios are longer if you travel with DIONISIS SOLOMUS ferries but will only cost you €7. Alternatively, you can reach neighbouring islands between 20 minutes and an hour with SEAJETS but be prepared to pay a much higher fare. The blue star also runs services for a medium rate but less often.

Staying overnight on Ios island

Maybe you’re visiting Ios in the low season, or the island you’re staying on doesn’t have a ferry both there and back to Ios in a day. There are plenty of incredible places to stay overnight in Ios.

Our Recommendation: Mare Monte Hotel, Yialos Beach

We chose to stay at the Mare Monte hotel during our 3 night stay in Ios as part of our travels around Greece this summer. The hotel is set right on the beachfront of Yialos beach and within walking distance of Ios Chora and Ios port’s bus stop. There are plenty of boat trips around the island nearby if you fancy exploring more of Ios.

The hotel also features an excellent pool and an optional breakfast. Rooms fit 2-6 people depending on the room type and range from a basic double, studio or 2 bedroom apartment.

Which island can I take a day trip to Ios from?

A day trip to Ios from Santorini

Ferries from Santorini to Ios range between €7 and €48 one way. Most ferries are run by SEAJETS and DIONISIS SOLOMUS. Journey times can be as little as 35 minutes or as long as 1 hour, 50 minutes. You’ll most likely take each journey with a different ferry company. View the latest schedules and prices for your dates here.

day trip from santorini to ios

A day trip to Ios from Folegandros

A return trip from Folegandros to Ios can be made 2 times a week depending on the season. Most trips from Folegandros to Ios will involve an overnight trip in Ios. Check out the Mare Monte hotel for overnight stays. The ferry from Folegandros to Ios takes between 1 hour, 5 minutes to 1 hour, 20 minutes. Tickets are around €5.60 to €7 for a single trip, and most services are run by Blue Star and Dionisos Solomus. View the timetables and prices for your dates here.

A day trip to Ios from Sikinos

One of the best islands for a day trip to Ios is Sikinos. Most ferries take around 30 minutes and are excellent value for money. There isn’t a return service every day, and sometimes the journey from Sikinos to Ios is at the wrong time in the night.

An overnight stay on some days and in low season may be necessary. Ferries are mainly run by Dionisos Solomus (25 minutes/€4.50) and Blue Star (30 minutes/€3,50). If you choose to walk from Ios Chora to Yialos, make sure you check out the fantastic view of Sikinos straight ahead. View the latest timetables and fares here.

A day trip to Ios from Naxos

Although quick and very possible, a day trip from Naxos to Ios won’t usually give you more than 4 hours on the island. It’s advisable to stay overnight in Ios. Ferries from Naxos to Ios are run by SEAJETS (45 minutes/€38.50) and Blue star (1 hour, 45 minutes/€8.50). View the latest schedules and prices for your dates here.

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